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Your daily dose of turmeric to maintain a healthy inflammatory response combined with deep relaxation makes sure you're getting the sleep, rest and recovery you need.*


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Backed by science
We work closely with our medical advisory board to ensure our boosters are highly effective. We provide complete transparency into our research so you can decide for yourself.

One step further
In addition to being organic and non-gmo project verified, all of our ingredients and finished products undergo a very rigorous five-step lab testing protocol to ensure purity and safety:

  1. We test ingredient integrity. The lab analyzes each ingredient upon delivery to ensure it is exactly what it’s supposed to be and nothing else.
  2. We test microbial counts. Microbial counts, yeast and mould tests are done to ensure safety.
  3. We analyze for pathogens. Pathogen analysis is performed to make sure ingredients contain absolutely no salmonella, escherichia coli, staphylococcus or pseudomonas aeruginose. 
  4. We analyze for pesticides. All ingredients are individually certified organic. Nonetheless, a pesticide analysis is performed as an extra precautionary measure.
  5. A final test. We perform a final microbial, pathogen and gluten analysis on the finished product to ensure nothing was introduced in the manufacturing process.

Customer Reviews

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Jacynthe Brunelle

Produits de bonne qualité et efficace

Christy Anne Jacques


Nadia Kushlyk
Consonant Foaming Face Wash

I really like this gentle foaming face wash. Does not leave your face tight after washing. Just a little bit goes a long way. It has a soft fragrance to it. I use it both morning and evening. I am looking to purchase some more of it. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a fresh gentle foaming face wash.

Stacey Brown
Sleep + Turmeric

Perfect combo

Love these

I really like these as they help tremendously with inflammation in the body. I suffer from migraines and taking these daily helps with general overload that happens my system as far as inflammation goes. Plus it’s much easier on my body that over the counter anti inflammatories.

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