Well Told with Fabien Brault, Sales Director at Well Told Health

Fabien Brault has been the Sales Director at Well Told Health for two and a half years, leading Well Told into many new retailers and nurturing our relationship with existing partners. Outside of working hard for our brand, Fabien enjoys long walks with his wife, weekends at the cottage with his family, and a nice glass of Chianti with dinner. He is also a big fan of Brussel sprouts and paella!

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As the seasons change, so do the ways we practice self-care. Are there any winter wellness practices you feel have a big impact on your wellbeing?

It may sound counter-intuitive, but during the winter I love taking cold showers and cold baths. I don’t adjust the water temperature at all, just cold from the beginning to the end. Not only does the cold water help reduce my stress levels, it also increases my body temperature which lasts for a while after.


As we’ve come to understand, self-care can mean so many different things, what does the concept mean to you personally?

For me, self-care means that sometimes you have to be selfish and sometimes your well-being has become more important than anything else. When you have a family to take care of and have to work hard at same time, it can be easy to forget about your self-care. But in order to ensure you are fully present and doing your best for both your family and your job, I have to make sure I am dedicating the same amount of time and energy to making myself feel well. 


As our lives have changed pretty significantly over the past couple of years, has your idea of what self-care means to you changed? 

Since the pandemic, the only thing that changed in my life is the importance of seeing people. Now that life is pretty much back to normal, my family and I have decided that we will accept all invitations from friends and family, even if we are tired or it’s far from where we are.


What has been a wellness practice that has had a significant impact on your overall health?

My wife and I have been loving long walks together, tracking up to 10,000 steps per day. These walks may be low intensity, but we discovered that they have a big impact on our physical and mental health and wellness. Even in the colder months, nothing can compare to the high you get after moving your body and getting fresh air. 


What's been keeping you well these days?

Every year, from January to the end of March I go to see my Osteopath every two weeks. I find the first few months of the year is always busy and leaves me feeling tense in my body, so this practice is very helpful for me to counter this physical stress.