Have you heard? We’ve Officially Launched at CVS HealthHUB Stores Across the US



We’ve reached a major milestone, and could not be more delighted. CVS, the largest pharmacy chain in the US is officially carrying Bloating be Gone and Energy Booster.  Both products are now available at over 850 of CVS’s new HealthHUB locations, which offer a variety of health care services, a pharmacy and expanded selection of wellness support and health products.

“I still wake up in the morning and pinch myself that after three short years we’ve reached the point we’re at. It’s such validation to have a brand like CVS stand behind our mission to make our products available wherever, whenever. ” - Well Told founder and CEO Monica Ruffo.

CVS’s inclusive mission of making health and wellness more accessible aligns incredibly well with our own “Clean wellness for all” mission, which drives us every day to make our products accessible to as many people as possible. Not only are we excited that our Well Told community in the US is even more conveniently able to access our products, but this opens us up to more consumers who may not have previously been exposed to us.